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ACT High School Highest Score Analysis

Summary: This report pulls students for a particular year based on their PEIMS records and displays the highest ACT High School scale scores for English, reading, math, science, and composite based on all ACT High School administrations.
Note: Same report exists under the Accountability>State: Accountability Report Center>CCMR – College, Career, Military Ready folder and the Assessment>ACT HS>ACT High School Custom Reports

Usage: Use this report to review ACT High School highest scale scores to evaluate retesting or other circumstances.

Data Source(s):

  • Fall and Summer PEIMS records
    • Interchange Student
      • 40100 – StudentExtension Complex Type
    • Interchange Student Enrollment
      • 40110 – StudentSchoolAssociationExtension Complex Type
    • Interchange Student Attendance
      • 42400 – BasicReportingPeriodAttendanceExtension Complex Type
  • ACT High School records
    • Note: Be sure all results have been loaded in the File Center>ACT>ACT (High School).


  • The Year filter selects the group of students based on PEIMS fall and summer reporting. If a student is in either of these submissions, they will be included.
  • Most recent PEIMS record for the year (summer first, then fall if no summer)
    • SID
    • TX Unique ID
    • Local ID
    • Last Name
    • First Name
    • Grade Level
    • Campus
  • ACT High School records for all administrations
    • Highest ACT Scale Scores English
    • Highest ACT Scale Scores Reading
    • Highest ACT Scale Scores Math
    • Highest ACT Scale Scores Science
    • Highest ACT Scale Scores Composite
      • Note: Scores can come from different test dates


  • Filter on:
    • Year (Default most recent PEIMS year loaded)
    • Grade (Default All Grades)
    • Campus (Default All Campuses with Accuplacer results)
  • Focus List to pull specific groups of students
Updated on 11/03/2021

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