Focus List

Use focus lists to isolate a group of staff or students in order to look at the data pertaining to them more specifically.


  • Option 1: From a generated “list” of student or staff names, locate the “Focus List” tab just below the title of the report.  
  • Create New Focus List
    • The title may be edited
    • Select Submit
  • OR
  • Append List to Existing Focus List– This feature will add the students/staff to an already existing focus list
    • Browse to a current focus list
    • Select Submit to add
  • Option 2: From a student’s profile dashboard page, locate the “Focus List” section at the bottom right corner
  • Option 3: From the ‘Focus List’ tab (top black menu bar), use ‘Upload Focus List’ to upload a list of TX Unique IDs, Local IDs or SSNs.
  • Step 1: Use the drop down to select ‘Focus List Type’:
    • Student
    • Staff
  • Step 2: Use drop down to select ‘ID Type’:
    • TX Unique ID
    • Local ID’s (Student Only)
    • Social Security No.
  • Step 3: Title focus list in ‘Focus List Name’
  • Step 4: Use ‘Browse’ to find file and ‘Upload’ to load IDs to the data entry box
    • NOTE: The file to be uploaded should be a CSV file
  • Step 5: Data Entry Box
    • Update IDs loaded from CSV file if desired
      • and/or
    • Type IDs into the blank box with commas separating each number
      • Tip: Use for small focus lists
  • Step 6: Create Focus List


An ad hoc report may now be created using a Focus List in the Report Center for Student, Assessment, or Staff. The report will ONLY pull data for the staff/students on the Focus List.

  • Select a Focus List from the Focus List drop down box.
  • Then, create report as usual. (Select Category/Criteria)

Some custom reports also have the option to choose a Focus List as the data source.

Staff/Student Overview tab on Profile/Dashboard – access to profile student or staff details required.

  • A Staff or Student can be added to or removed from an already existing focus list from the Staff/Student profile Overview tab.
  • The Profile Overview will also show any focus lists for which this person is a member.


To find a complete listing of the focus groups created, select “Focus List” from the black menu bar.

From here, options include:

  • Edit 
    • Select members of the Focus list to remove
    • Share Focus list with other ODS users including User Groups
    • Edit the Title of the Focus List
    • Delete the Focus List
    • Duplicate the Focus List
    • Share the Focus List 
  • Upload Focus list:
    • Add new members to a Focus List
    • Upload a Focus List manually – (see above)

NOTE: Click on the title to display members of the Focus List

Updated on 12/13/2022

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