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My Dashboards – Creating Template Widgets

OnDataSuite system administrators can create templates that group similar widget values. To do this, you must have administrative rights in the OnDataSuite system.

To get to they ‘My Dashboard Templates’ admin section, click on the hamburger menu in the top right hand corner of your OnDataSuite account and select the ‘Administrator’ link. Look for the Administrator Tools area on the left side of the screen and select Site Settings and then select My Dashboards Templates

Creating a MyDashboard Template

Click on the ‘Add Template’ green button and a pop up box will appear. Enter the name for your Template and click the ‘Add Template’ button. Your new template folder will now show up under the ‘add template’ and ‘delete template’ buttons on your screen.

TIP: Give your template a name that will help your users easily identify and associate its grouped widgets to areas they may find useful.

For example, if you wanted to create a template that stores widgets you feel would be widely used by all your district principals, you could call that template “Principals Corner” and then associate all widgets that a campus principal might find useful.

Adding widgets to your Template(s)

Select the template from your list of templates that you wish to add widgets to, then click the green ‘Add Widget to Template’ button. A pop up selector box will appear asking you to select the following:
Campus – Will default to ALL campuses if none is specified
Year – Will default to latest year if none is specified

Make your selections and then click the ‘Add Widget’ button to confirm your selection. You will not see the widget(s) listed to the right of the template selected.
Repeat this process to add as many widgets to your template as desired.

You may also delete a widget by checking the ‘delete’ box and clicking the ‘Delete Selected Widgets’ red button above the list.

Where are these widgets used?

Once created, a ‘Add Template Widgets’ button will appear under the ‘My Dashboards’ section of OnPoint and when selected it will list all of the templates you have created.

Note, the ‘Add Template Widgets’ button will NOT appear if there are not any templates built under the administration area.

Updated on 10/23/2023

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