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For instructions on how to set HB3 board goals please visit the following training module:

Summary: HB3 Goal Settings addresses the HB3 Board Goal requirements in TEC, Sections 11.185 and 11.186.

  • The three required areas to set goals in are:
    • Early childhood literacy proficiency – aligned to 3rd grade STAAR results
    • Early childhood mathematics proficiency – aligned to 3rd grade STAAR results
    • College, career, and military readiness (CCMR) – aligned to graduates that meet readiness requirements

Usage: This report provides a tool to enter the 5 year HB3 board goals across the designated student groups in the three required areas, save the goals and publish the goals into OnBoard for board member views.

  • Goals by student group, sub population and year is to be set for A-F Targets Meets or Above Standard as published on page 45 of TEA 2019 Accountability Manual.

Setting District/Campus Goals:

  • Setting District Goals as an ODS Administrator: By Default, all users with “ODS Administrator” privileges can change and set Board Goals in the OnPoint section of OnDataSuite.
  • Setting Campus Specific Goals : Campus specific goals can be set by users without “ODS Administrator” privileges only if the “Set/Edit HB3 Goals (for non-admins) check box has been selected.

Data Source(s):


  • Enter the final year target goal and the prior 4 years goal will auto calculate and equally distribute the annual incremental goal.
    • The formula used to determine the incremental targets for each year is as follows:
      1. The minimum incremental value needed to achieve final year target = (2024 target – 2019 target) / 5
      2. Add minimum incremental value to prior year target to determine next year target. (minimum incremental value +2019 target = 2020 target; minimum incremental value + 2020 target = 2021 target, etc.)
  • Individual subject, year and student group goal may be manually entered to overwrite any auto calculation.


  • Save Goals: Click to save the calculated or entered goals on the HB3 Goal Settings page. This allows work in progress to be set or updated in the HB3 Goal Setting page only.
  • Set Board Goals:  Click to set or update the OnBoard HB3 tab and widget for board views. A message is displayed “Board Goals Set on:…” when the Set Board Goals is clicked.
  • Set Campus Goals: Ability to set goals by campus added 6/1/21


Updated on 01/10/2023

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