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HB3 Board Goal Setting – Training Module

This module associates all supporting HB3 Board Goal Setting KB articles in order so that the end user can setup and maintain their HB3 Board Goals in OnPoint and set and publish their final goals to the OnBoard HB3 site.

1. HB3 Board Goal report overview

2. HB3 Board Goal Dashboard details

3. How and were to setup HB3 Board Goals

4. HB3 Board Goal setting steps (District & Campus)

5. How to work on and SAVE HB3 goals in OnPoint – Not Pushed to OnBoard

6. How to SET HB3 Goals and push them to the OnBoard view

7. How and where to view HB3 Board Goals that have been SET in OnPoint

8. How to override HB3 Baseline Goals

Updated on 05/20/2024

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