OnBoard HB3 Dashboard

HB3 district and campus goals can be reported in the OnBoard dashboard if they have been set by an OnDataSuite system administrator from within the OnPoint system. After these goals have been set, the items explained in this section will be available to your board members to view.

The All Students Board Goal for the three required areas of 3rd grade Reading, 3rd grade Mathematics and College, Career, Military and Readiness (CCMR) are displayed for progress monitoring under the respective Board View area.

  • The default view is the District/Charter Goals.
  • Campus filter provides Campus level goals.

Each of the three views contains the following information:

First year (*2019) baseline data established by the TEA 2019 Accountability Manual A-F Closing the Gaps Targets, page 45. *Note: If the Baseline year 2019 does not have the asterick, the baseline target was overridden by the LEA in the Board Goal Setting process.

5 year (future state) goals – set by local education agency (LEA).

ODS Prelim A-F: OnDataSuite Preliminary A-F data as determined from individual data files uploaded into OnDataSuite

On Track Meet: Y (yes) if Texas Accountability Performance Report (TAPR) result is equal to or greater than current year goal. N (no) if TAPR result is less than current year goal.

On Track Exceed: Y (yes) if TAPR result is greater than next year goal. N (no) if TAPR result is equal to or less than next year goal.

Final TAPR: TAPR result

Toggle Summary View

Select the Toggle Summary button and scroll down the page for a full report of the goals set for all students and the specified student groups:

  • Race/Ethnicity;
  • Economic Disadvantaged;
  • English Language – EL (Current and Monitored);
  • Special Education – Special Ed (Current) and Special Ed (Former);
  • Continuously Enrolled – Cont Enrolled;
  • Non-Continuously Enrolled – Non-Cont Enrolled.
Updated on 10/31/2023

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