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SPED Student Instructional Settings by Six Weeks

Summary: This report displays special education students’ special education information by six weeks reporting. It includes the primary disability, instructional setting(s), total special education eligible days, and total eligible special education mainstream days if applicable for every reporting period.

Usage: Use this report to view special education instructional setting changes throughout the school year for individual students. Select multiple years to review information longitudinally. The report can also be used to highlight how each individual student’s instructional settings and eligible days affect special education funding and the necessity of accurate reporting.
Additionally, use a focus list to narrow down to a specific instructional setting and review changes across time for evaluation of effective programs that increase education time in regular classrooms (State Performance Plan-SPP 5).

Special Notes:

  • 2019-2020 COVID-19 ADA Adjustments per TEA GuidanceGeneral Funding Question 1.
    • Only reporting periods 1 – 4 are used for 19-20; reporting periods 5 and 6 will display “Covid-19”.
  • 2020-2021 & 2021-2022 COVID-19 Remote Attendance Included
    • Instructional Setting – E0173, E1692, E1693 (C035)
    • Eligible Days Present – E0944 + E1690 + E1691
    • Mainstream Days Present – E0940 + E1688 + E1689

Data Source(s): PEIMS Summer records

  • Interchange Student Enrollment
    • 40110 – StudentSchoolAssociation Complex Type
  • Interchange Student Program
    • 41163 StudentSpecialEdProgramAssociationExtension Complex Type
  • Interchange Student Attendance
    • 42401 SpecialProgramsReportingPeriodAttendanceExtension Complex Type
      • 42405 Special Education Attendance


  • Campus displays all 42405 Special Ed Attendance campuses found
  • Primary Disability – E0041 (C053)
  • By Reporting Period:
    • Instructional Setting – E0173 (C035)
    • Eligible Days Present – E0944
    • Mainstream Days Present – E0940
      • Note: This column is for informational purposes only.  Students who are only mainstream in the summer submission will not be included in the report since mainstream days are not stored in E0944 – ELIGIBLE-DAYS-PRESENT-IN-INSTR-SETTING


  • Filter on:
    • Multi-select campus
    • Multi-select year
    • Focus List
Updated on 10/23/2023

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