Creating Ad-Hoc Reports

Report Center -is used to build your own “ad-hoc” reports.

  • Select the initial “Category”, to begin.
    • Use the help “?” for information on each category.
    • Select desired year(s), or leave blank to display all.
  • Select “Criteria”,
    • Includes a list of elements pertaining to the category selected.
    • Filter options available – if needed.
  • “Create Report”

Student Report Center

Report Options

Only available after an “ad-hoc” report is created. It will be located in the black box on the left of the screen.

NOTE: “x” will close the Report Options screen.

  • Graphing  – Allows user to graph the data displayed. Select a graph option on the fly, invert and change discriptions,
  • Heatmap “On” – Adds color gradients to identify hot spots with option to invert and move the color gradient.
  • Other
    • Export to Excel – Creates data in a spreadsheet
    • Edit – Sends user back to “create report” with options still selected
    • Bookmark – Saves the parameters of the report to the bookmarks menu and offers the option to share with other users.
    • Show Percent – displays % by column
    •  Zeros – displays areas that aren’t displaying because of the return of a zero value.

Example AT Risk Work Flow

Updated on 04/30/2024

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