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Users can create a custom report by combining rows of data from different ad hoc reports into a single new report. The rows of data used for the custom report may come from different data sources such as student, assessment, staff or finance.

Creating a Custom Report

  • First build an ad hoc report containing at least one piece of the data desired for the custom report.
  • From the “Report Options” box, click Custom Report to On
  • The “Add” button to the left of each row of data, is now displayed.
  • Select the “Add” button to move/copy a single row of data to the custom report
  • “User Report Wizard” box will display with the row in the Report Preview

Follow the steps below to insert the row of data into a custom report.

  • Step 1 – Is this a new or existing custom report?
    • If New, provide a Report Name
      • As you type the report name, it will appear in the Report Preview below
    • If Existing, select the report in the drop-down box
    • Click ‘Next’
  • Step 2 – Are you adding this row to a new or existing Column in the custom report?
    • If New, provide a Column Label which will be the title for the column
      • As you type the Column Label, it will appear in the Report Preview below
    • If Existing, select the appropriate Column for the row to be inserted. (Use this to add the same type of data to an existing column, i.e. all of the grade level rows.)
    • Click ‘Next’
  • Step 3 – Row title will default to the row selected from the adhoc report, but it may be relabeled at this time, if desired.
    • Default
    • Relabeled
      • As you type the Row Title, it will appear in the Report Preview below
  • Click ‘Submit’
  • Step 4 – Close Wizard to add another row of data from the existing ad hoc or Go to report to view the report created with the wizard so far.

Continue to add additional rows of data to the custom report from this adhoc report or create another ad-hoc report.

NOTE: Rows can come from different ad hoc data sources.

Example: Use student to determine counts of students, use staff, to obtain counts of staff, and/or use finance to pull amounts.

Accessing My Custom Reports

The custom reports created will be located in “My Custom Reports” (black menu bar)

From the My Custom Reports center, open the report by clicking on the hyperlinked title

  • Edit the report
    • Be sure to click ‘Save’ at top once changes are made
  • Tools drop-down
    • Export to Excel
    • Bookmark
    • Heatmap On
  • Select a Focus List to run the report with and click ‘Submit’
Updated on 10/19/2023

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