Report Options

  • Available upon creating an adhoc report from the Report Center.
  • Located left of report
  • Focus List – provides the functionality to apply a focus list to a created ad-hoc report
  • Graphing – provides options for visualizing data
    • Click on pie, trend line, bar, or bubble graph
      • First 5 codes automatically selected
      • Hover over graph results to highlight specific codes
      • To turn off graph, click on graph image again
    • Trend Line and Bar Graphs Only:
      • Inverted – switch the X and Y axis
      • Polar
      • Click legend elements on and off to readjust graph
    • Drop-down for legend tags at bottom of graph
      • Code
      • Description (Default)
      • Code-Description
    • Click “Print/Download” far right-hand side to:
      • “Full Screen” to display only the graph; Click “Exit Full Screen” to return to graph and data chart results
      • “Show Values” to display the values on the graph; Click “Hide Values” to remove values
      • Print or download the graph in several formats
  • Zoom (Trend Line and Bar graphs only)
    • Highlight desired ‘zoom’ ranges by clicking and dragging within the graph
    • Zoom Result: 
    • Click on “Reset zoom” far right hand side to return graph to original state
  • Heatmap – aid in looking for data anomalies
  • Export to Excel
  • Edit Report – loads report again for modifications
  • Bookmark / Sharing – saves the report and the parameter/filters to Bookmarks tab
    • Stays updated with the most current data set loaded.
    • After clicking Save, report may be shared with other users who have an account.
  • Show Percents
  • Zeros – display data that have zero values.
  • Custom Report -enables rows of data to be used in creating a user custom report.
Updated on 10/10/2023

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