Fall PEIMS Staff/Finance – Dashboards

  • Fall Dashboard
    • Overview of Student/Staff counts reported at the LEA level or Campus.    All Students and Staff counts reflect counts as of SnapShot Date if file loaded after Fall PEIMS Snapshot date.  Counts include ADA ineligible students.  
    • Student Totals -View Snapshot totals. Info can assist with adjusting budget areas as needed.
      • Student Progams and Student Indicators- Ensure students are identified correctly for weighted funding.   *Verify the Students Not Enrolled on Snapshot.
  • Staff Information – based upon Responsibility Role ID and Auxiliary Role ID  AND Payroll Object Code

**Note – My Account – User Settings option to Show Description of codes and elements on fall dashboard enables the details on what criteria is used for determine the counts.

  • Campus Dashboards
    • NOTE:  Each of the three Campus Dashboards has a “hover over definition” feature for each column of data displayed.  Utilize this to understand what criteria/calcualtion is used to identify the data represented.  
    • Campus Organization – are all campuses accounted for?
  • Campus Student – Are student reported at all campuses?  If not, why?
  • Campus Staff  –  Are staff reported at all campuses?  If not, why?  Are staff reported at campuses with no students(previous view)?
    • A comprehensive view of by campus teacher staff retention, mobility, new teachers.
Updated on 11/14/2023

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