Fall PEIMS Staff/Finance – Staff Custom Reports

Staff Custom Reports are categorized in four primary areas:

  • Staff FTE Reports 
    • Review the Report Info for details such as:
      • exclusion or inclusion of SSA Staff
      • reporting Responsibility Role ID
      • reporting Auxiliary Role ID
      • reporting tied to other factors such as Payroll object code 6119 or 6129
    • Variances to TEA reports may occur based upon rounding, truncating and number of decimal places in reporting.  If in doubt of any variances, please submit a ticket for review including TEA report. 
  • Staff FTE Counts and Salary Report 
    • Compare to Fall TSDS PDM1-110-004 (TSDS PEIMS Staff FTE Summary)
      • Total Staff (FTEs)
      • Average Actual Salaries
    • Report Defaults with Role ID Details per section.  Use Details Toggle for category totals only view.  
    • Multi-Year filter selection available for comparisons.
  • Student/Teacher FTE Ratio – Potential Indicators of Finance Problems
    • Excludes SSA staff
    • Teachers reflect Role IDs 087 AND 047
    • Last 5 years of data (use fitler to selct a fewer number of years)
  • FTE by Role
    • Responsibility Role IDs ONLY (no Auxiliary Role IDs reflected)
    • All Staff including SSA Role IDs
    • Student/Staff Ratio by Role ID
    • Campus and Fund Filters based upon Payroll reporting
    • Year filter is single select only
  • Staff FTE by Role ID Percent Change
    • Report format matches Staff FTE Counts and Salary Report (TEA PDM1-110-004 categories)
    • All LEA assigned Staff included (excludes SSA staff) – Responsibility Role IDs AND Auxiliary Role IDs
    • Multi-year filter selection for comparison
    • Percent Change option to turn off

  • Teacher Summary Reports
    • Reports based upon Responsibility Role ID =087 (Teacher) and/or 047 (Substitute Teacher)
  • Elementary Teachers Counts by Grade Level Ranges Summary: This report does a unique count of teachers for elementary grade level ranges across multiple years by campus. The regional level displays the counts by LEAs.Usage: Teacher counts by grades can be used for grant opportunities, longitudinal trend review, or other reporting requirements.
    • Grade Range filter (slider)
    • Defaults to 3 years , multi-year filter option
    • Filter for SE/SR service ids
  • Teacher Years of Experience

Summary: This report displays teacher years of experience ranges by core subjects with FTE counts and percentages for multiple years along with graphical representations of the data.

Usage: Use this report to analyze teacher year’s experience rates by core subjects at the district or campus level.

    • Teachers  – Role ID E0721 = 087 or 047
    • Years of Experience – E0130
      • Beginning Teachers – E0130 = 00
      • 1-5 Years Experience – E0130 Between 01 and 05
      • 6-10 Years Experience – E0130 Between 06 and 10
      • 11-20 Years Experience – E0130 Between 11 and 20
      • Over 20 Years Experience – E0130 > 20
    • Subjects – Uses predefined table with core subjects attached to teacher responsibilities service IDs (E0724)
      • Core Subject areas:  Readling/ELA, Mathematics, Science, Social Students and Other
    • Drill down on Years of Experience ranges to see Subject percentages
  • Teachers Salary By Years of Experience

Usage: Review report to evaluate teachers by years of experience. Look for reasonable count, FTE and actual base salary variance. This report can also be used to review change in actual average salaries by years of experience for teachers.

    • Teachers ONLY (Role ID =087)
    • Drill down on Number and FTE totals for detailed staff list. *Note: if user account permissions for Staff Payroll information is allowed then the drilldown will include the individual staff salary used in the calculations.

  • Staff Responsibilities
    • Primarily staff lists based upon Responsibility record reporting
  • Fall Staff Role ID Review

Summary: The Fall Staff Role ID Review displays staff role ids (Professional and Auxiliary) counts as of the October snapshot date from the fall PEIMS submission. A difference column compares year to year increases/decreases. when 2 or more years are selected.

    • Staff Responsibilties (Professional) are reported on the 090 record (StaffResponbilitiesExtension)
    • Staff Responbilities (Auxiliary) are reported on the 050 record (StaffEducationOrgEmploymentAssociationExtenstion)  – Not reported at the Campus level
    • Additional featuers under Tools drop-down:
      • Hide Zero Value Rows to hide null or zero value rows for years selected (zero rows are highlighted in red)
      • Show Zero Value Rows to show null or zero value rows for years selected (default)
      • Turn on Heatmap to see hotspots/data swings at the district or campus level.
  • Staff Responsibility Review
    •  Use this report to review payroll account codes matching to service IDs to ensure accurate payroll and responsibility reporting to PEIMS.
    • Based upon Responsibility Role ID only – no Auxiliary Staff Role IDs included.
  • Staff Total Monthly Minutes

Summary: This report lists the total monthly minutes for staff’s responsibility records in the fall. It includes drill down capability to review individual responsibility records.

Usage: Use this report to examine staff’s total monthly minutes, including extremely low or extremely high values, for ensuring accurate reporting of PEIMS data extracted from the SIS master schedule.

  • Staff Miscellaneous Reports
  • Contracted Instructional Staff – This report lists the information reported in your Fall PEIMS file on record 055 (Contracted Instructional Staff complex)
    • Per TWEDS: PEIMS collects financial information on each district’s professional contracted instructional staff. These staff are paid from function 11 only. Such staff are contracted teachers, speech therapists, occupational therapists, physicaltherapists, and any other professional staff working in a classroom on a dedicated basis. The total FTEs by campus within program intent code are reported.Contracted instructional staff are not regular classroom teachers who have signed a contract with a district, nor are they shared services arrangement employees. Rather, these are instructors for whom the district has entered into a contractual agreement with some outside organization. Through the contract, the outside organization has committed to supplying instructional staff for the district. They are never employees of the reporting school district.
  • Fall All Staff Detail Report

This report displays all fall PEIMS staff records with human resource information including role ids and auxiliary role ids.

    • Note:  Use to identify staff reporting both Responsibility Role IDs and Auxiliary Role IDs – verify reporting.   Sort on Auxiliary Role ID or Export to Excel and filter on Auxiliary Role ID.
  • Fall PEIMS Checklist

This report is located under Student and Staff.

***COMING SOON: A new Fall PEIMS – Finance/Staff Checklist report with expanded Staff reviews.

    • Default report requires Years and Material Difference filters to be set.  Recommend using a material differenct filter greater than default 5% to identify (highlights) major variances between years.  

Note the beginning sections of the report related to Fall Staff reporting.   This report is the only report that currently reports Teacher FTEs by Pop Served (reconcile with PDM1-110-004).  

  • Role/Auxiliary Role ID Gender/Ethn Summary Report

Use this report to review data or for reporting requests of staff roles by ethnicity or gender.

    • Note: Employees who have multiple role IDs will be counted in every one of the roles reported.
  • Staff Retention Rate

Report provides retention rates for the district and campus levels for role ID selected based on staff counts.

The report will initially load most latest Fall file loaded and showing the Teacher (role ID 087) retention rates.

    • The calculation is the number of staff for the role ID selected who returned the subsequent year / the number of staff for the role ID selected in the prior year.
      • Note: It requires that a staff member is labeled with the same role ID in both the prior and current year’s Fall PEIMS Submission to be included in the retention rate. Additionally, if specific Program Intent or Population Served Codes are selected in the filter, the staff member must be in the same code for both prior and current year.
    • Filters:
      • Multi select Campus filter based on 30090-Responsibility records (Defaults to All Campuses)
      • Multi select Program Intent Code-E0320 (Defaults to all PIC)
      • Multi select Population Served Code-E0747 (Defaults to all pop served)
      • Single select Role ID-E0721 (Defaults to 087-Teacher)
      • Multi select year (Defaults to most recent staff year loaded)
        • Example below is a Multi-Year comparison

Updated on 11/14/2023

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