Fall PEIMS Staff/Finance – TSDS Business Rules

User will need  SSN (Social Security Numbers) access to view edits.

Additional options:

  • File Record Count  –  Summarized the file interchanges and extensions (subcategory) processed when loaded and EDITs are processed.  Check the counts on the following Subcategories for reasonableness .  *Note: this is a common area of incomplete TSDS files loaded when the HR/ERP system is different than the SIS system. 
    • PayrollExtension
    • StaffResponsibilitiesExtension
    • Staff
    • BudgetExtension
    • SSAOrgAssociationExtension (if applicable)
  • Business Rules List

Options from the PEIMS Fall main menu

  • TSDS Rules By Campus
  • Excel District Workbook – contains each edit/details on separate tabs
  • Campus – filter for specific campus
  • Submit
  • Click on the count of Fatals, Warnings or Specials
    • Click on the Business Rule Number to see the what/who has triggered the error.
    • Excel All Detail option provides all Business Rules listed and the details associated with each in an Excel document.

Best Practice – make corrections in the Business and/or HR System and re extract/export PEIMS interchange files. Then upload new files into OnDataSuite.  

*Remember – ODS is a wipe and replace load so if Budget or Staff interchanges need to be loaded, they need to be loaded with Student interchanges to not delete previous Student data loaded  – and Vice Versa.  Reference KB article for details on Loading TSDS – PEIMS – District Level

Updated on 11/14/2023

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