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Finance Preview Mid-Year PEIMS – Shared Service Arrangement Reports

These reports reflect the Fall and MidYear Shared Service Arrangement (SSA) membership and fiscal agent reporting required by TEA.  Use these reports to verify accurate updates by the respective year. 

Displays a list shared services your LEA acts as the fiscal agent for.  Use this report to verify you are reporting the accurate 033 records in your MidYear PEIMS Submission. 

Shared Service Arrangement fiscal agents should send expenditure reports to each SSA member district showing the 033 DISTRICT FINANCE DATA – SHARED SERVICES ARRANGEMENT ACTUAL record reporting that will be done on behalf of that SSA member district.

 Report Location: Finance > Finance Custom Reports > Shared Service Arrangement Reports > Shared Service Membership

Summary: Displays a list of Shared Service Arrangements your district participates in and the respective Fiscal Agent LEA by Year and Submission reported.

Usage: Review for accuracy by Year on Fall and MidYear submissions.  **Note: The MidYear Submission is reflecting the year the data is representing not the year it was reported in PEIMS. 

This is a good Fall to MidYear PEIMS reporting crosscheck.  

Updated on 09/30/2023

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