Fall PEIMS Staff/Finance – Verify Files Loaded

Before using OnPoint to review the Fall PEIMS Staff/Finance data, the Fall PEIMS interchange files must be uploaded into the file center.

  • The TSDS Fall PEIMS interchange files are extracted from the SIS/BIS/HR..
  • NOTE: Use CHROME to upload files into OnDataSuite.

 Verify Fall data is available for current year to review.

  • Check Fall Dashboard 
    • Verify Year is the current year  **If current year is not displaying or available to select,  contact your loacal ODS Administrator to request a current year Fall PEIMS file is loaded with the required Staff and Finance data as noted below.
    • Check for a Fall PEIMS loaded message and the date of the latest upload.  **Note:  Verify with your ODS Administrator the frequency of file uploads. 
  • If a current Fall file is loaded – check for Staff and Finance data using the File Center:
  •  Keeping data current is key to accurate reports so please contact your OnDataSuite Administrator ( and/or PEIMS Coordinator) if a “fresh” file needs to be loaded.
  • Every time a new file is loaded it is a complete overwrite (wipe/replace) of the previous file.

Note: A “Prelim” file means that the data is NOT the “Final” file that will be sent to TEA therefore expect data to change.

Updated on 11/14/2023

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