OnSync allows you to transfer files from an external data source into the OnDataSuite system.  Current capabilities exist for the TSDS PEIMS, CCR EWS Supplement, and College Board files.

  • Status
    • Green-Active
    • Yellow-Requested, not Active
    • Red-Not Active

4.13.1.OnSync – TSDS #

OnSync Guide for TSDS XML and CCR EWS Supplement Files

Located under File Center>OnSync tab

Use OnSync to load external TSDS PEIMS and/or CCR EWS Supplement files to OnDataSuite on a scheduled basis.

  • OnSync for TSDS PEIMS or CCR EWS does not directly connect to data providers such as Skyward, Ascender, Eduphoria, or any others. You must create a process to place your files into your OnSync folder.
  • Our OnSync SFTP server checks for files daily.
    • First check is at 8PM and we keep checking your folder until 6AM the next morning.
  • If you drop your files into your OnSync folder, we will load them to your OnPoint.
  • Web upload is always available so you can keep uploading during the day.
  • We have put security measures in place to keep your data safe.
How does it work?
  • First step is to fill out the information on the screen
    • IP address
    • Email of person responsible for set up (technical staff in most cases)
    • Click ‘Submit OnSync request’ button
  • We then have to whitelist the IP of the computer your district will use for OnSync to allow it for connection.
    • Once that is complete, we will update you with your district’s OnSync account information.
  • It is required for TSDS uploads to have the file names matching the TEA naming conventions.
  • Before 8PM, you may upload your files to your OnSync folder as you receive them.
  • Starting from our first check of the day at 8PM, all the interchange files must exist.
  • If your folder is empty between 8PM and 6AM, OnSync moves on. Your current data will remain.

Note: For PEIMS XML Interchanges:

  • The LEA must set up the processing (schedule task recommended) for the TSDS SIS or Business XML interchange files, (unzipped
  •  All “dependent” XML interchange files must be included and sent to the SFTP server for the nightly upload.
  • Each nightly upload will wipe/replace the previous upload.

OnSync Guide for TSDS XML PEIMS and CCR EWS Supplement Files

  • Prerequisite 1
    • Your SIS and/or Business system will need to have an automated scheduled procedure to create TSDS XML files to a local folder at your location. This local folder will need to be accessible for the next prerequisite. Each vendor is different in its ability to create scheduled jobs for TSDS XML extractions. You will need to contact your vendor if you need assistance with this process.
  • Prerequisite 2
    • Your district will be required to create an automated scheduled process for transferring your files via SFTP to our OnSync Server. This can be done with a custom script provided by your district or programs such as FileZilla or WinSCP. OnSync will require the IP address from this location to create a secure connection.
  • Application Process
    • Your login credentials along with upload location information and your private ssh key will be emailed once you have entered your host IP address on the application form.

DATA SOURCES – check for upload success

  • Located under File Center>Data Sources tab.
  • Click on the Blue Box for the type of data loaded via OnSync – TSDS PEIMS or CCR EWS Supplement
  • Scroll down toward the bottom of the screen to see the upload history.
  • The “Uploaded By” Column will display “OnSync” if a file was loaded by the OnSync SFTP upload process.

4.13.2.OnSync – College Board #

OnSync – College Board (SAT, PSAT/NMSQT, PSAT 10, and PSAT 8/9 files)
To connect your OnDataSuite SAT file center to the College Board SAT reporting portal, enter the file center, OnSync section and scroll to the bottom of the page to locate the OnSync for College Board section.

Enter the username and password you currently use to access your SAT data reports from the college board online portal.

Please make sure the account you provide above can login here https://scoresdownload.collegeboard.org/pascoredwnld/login
The College Boards API allows vendors to automatically download files from College Board Server.

  • Once your credentials are validated, OnDataSuite securely requests and downloads your SAT, PSAT/NMSQT, PSAT 10, and PSAT 8/9 files.
  • Our server checks nightly for new files that have been added by College Board.
  • Note: College Board files are capped at 50 files a day so it may take a few days to fully populate your SAT sync.

Updated on 09/10/2021

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