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Loading Cambium/ETS/Pearson – TELPAS

TELPAS- Accepted Data File Layout
This file is typically a text file (.TXT)
Historical files may be a data file (.DAT)

  • This file is a fixed length DAT or TXT file provided by ETS or Pearson.
  • File cannot be compressed or zipped.
  • File name cannot contain spaces.
  • When naming files, only use letters, numbers, dashes or underscores.

For detailed data file format information provided by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) please visit their data file format website location here: https://tea.texas.gov/student-assessment/testing/student-assessment-overview/data-file-formats

Only Pearson TELPAS files from school year 2006-2007 and beyond can be uploaded.

Updated on 04/29/2022

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